Home Buyer Education

Purchasing a home is the largest financial decision most people will ever make, so it’s important to understand the process. Springboard Home Loans encourages all our clients to take a home buyer class before they set out on the road to homeownership. Being well informed will help you make good decisions when purchasing your home. It’s important to know the process and have the tools to plan ahead so you can manage your finances and be a successful homeowner. Home buyer education workshops are provided by our partner credit.org whose instructors are experts in the field. The course is approved by HUD, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae, and can qualify you for savings on the cost of FHA mortgage insurance as well as other first-time home buyer assistance programs.

The course will give you an in-depth look at:

  • Preparing for homeownership
  • Managing your money
  • Understanding the importance of credit
  • Qualifying for a mortgage
  • Shopping for a home
  • Available down payment and closing costs programs
  • Protecting your investment

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Other Home Buyer Services

You want to purchase a home but you know your finances are not in order or you’re not sure what state your finances are in. Our partner credit.org offers the following services that can help you review your finances to determine if you’re ready to purchase a home or to the establish the necessary steps you need to take to purchase a home.

Credit Report Review

What is your credit report saying about your finances? Walk through your credit report line-by-line with a trained expert who will help you develop an action plan and take the steps necessary to improve your credit for homeownership.
Review your credit report

Financial Coaching

Are you over loaded in debt, or just getting by? Whether your goals are reducing debt, budget management, becoming a homeowner, saving your home from foreclosure, we are here to help. Our certified financial coaches are ready to help you put a personalized plan in place to take control of your financial health and improve your situation.
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