Gabe del Rio 


P | (619) 450-8700
E | gabe.delrio@Springboard.org

Gabe is the President of Springboard CDFI and member of the senior leadership team for the Springboard Social Enterprises & Credit.org family of companies. Gabe also chairs the Nationwide Mortgage Collaborative Leadership Council, bringing together the highest producing mortgage‐focused CDFIs nationally with the support of the Ford Foundation. Prior to Springboard, Gabe was the COO for Community HousingWorks, and helped lead the transition of the CDFI to a national platform for scaled expansion.

Jamil Atcha

Executive Vice President

P | (951) 779-7717
E | jamil.atcha@springboard.org

Jamil is a 23+ year veteran of the mortgage industry with experience in origination, sales & marketing, operations, servicing, and GSE governance, including expertise in secondary marketing, GSA delivery, investor relations, MSR acquisition and GNMA securitization. Having also worked in loss mitigation during the mortgage meltdown, he has personally managed over 100 assets, taking those assets through foreclosure, loan modification, deed in lieu, REO and sale.

Matt Callahan 

VP Production and Product Development

P | (951) 779-7701
E | matthew.callahan@springboard.org

Angel Capalbo 

VP Lending Systems & Technology

P | (951) 779-7702
E | angel.capalbo@springboard.org

Angel has extensive knowledge and background in residential mortgage banking through retail, wholesale and secondary market channels. She has been successful at developing, launching and managing new initiatives for many organizations and is our link between implementing business operations into software solutions.

Larry Ewing

Home Loan Coach

NMLS #1563102
P | (951) 779-7733
F | (951) 328-7760
E | larry.ewing@springboard.org

I have worked in finance and lending since I got out of the US Air Force in 1992. As a veteran I was able to take advantage of my veterans benefit when I bought my first home and I want all vets to have that same opportunity to share in the American dream. Working with home buyers and existing homeowners makes me happy because these are the people who are setting down roots and benefitting their communities in the long term and I enjoy doing all I can every day to help them achieve their dreams and goals. I love my job because I work with highly motivated people who enjoy working with homeowners and buyers. Finding the right loan for a buyer and seeing the look of accomplishment on their face when they are handed the keys to their new home is the greatest feeling in the world.

Gary Aguilar 

Home Loan Coach

NMLS #1021337
P | (951) 779-7734
F | (951) 328-7758
E | gary.aguilar@springboard.org

In my 16 years with Springboard I have focused on providing quality financial education and counseling to improve the lives and financial well-being of individuals and families. Some areas of assistance has included first time home buyer education, reverse mortgage counseling, foreclosure prevention, budgeting, and credit management. Prior to my tenure with Springboard I was a Senior Loan Officer for 8 years assisting potential and current homeowners in Southern California. I love my job because it allows me to use my experience and skills to assist first time home buyers achieve homeownership.

Mary Tejeda

Home Loan Coach Assistant

P | (951) 779-7732
F | (951) 328-7759
E | maria.tejeda@springboard.org

I love my job because I love to help people. As a previous Credit and Debt Counselor I became knowledgeable in helping rebuild credit and helping set future goals to overcome small setbacks that we have no control of. I come from a background of having to work hard to get ahead in life and to be able to help someone reach their dream of becoming a home owner brings me joy.

Rocio Rivas

Home Loan Coach Assistant

P | (951) 779-1049
F | (951) 328-7761
E | rocio.mendoza@credit.org

I’ve been with Springboard for the last 4 ½ years. During this time I have helped current homeowners remain in their homes while helping submit paperwork directly to their lenders for modifications. I also became a housing counselor and helped distressed homeowners find a way to save their homes by learning how to budget accordingly. With this experience I’m able to educate and prepare people on becoming first time homebuyers. I love my job because I have the ability to educate and prepare people to achieve their dream of becoming a homeowner again or for the very first time.

Tonya Collins

Home Loan Coach Assistant

P | (951) 779-7738
F | (951) 328-7762
E | tonya.collins@springboard.org

I love my job because I enjoy forming relationships with my borrowers while helping them overcome any financial obstacles so that they are able to achieve their goal of homeownership. Over the past 18 years I have worked as a Credit and Housing Counselor advising and educating clients on managing their debt and creating an action plan that provided clients steps to take to reach their goal of either becoming a homeowner or preserving their homeownership.

Corrie Williams

Event Coordinator

P | (951) 779-7740
E | corrie.williams@springboard.org

San Diego

Bruno Lizarraga

Community Mortgage Banker

NMLS #347608
P | (619) 858-3537
F | (619) 450-6335
E | bruno.lizarraga@springboard.org